Surely the major part of CaRT’s remit as a charity and a trust is to act as the ‘Custodian of the Canals’. Recent events have cast doubts in many peoples minds that this is the case. The sacking of the lengsthmen and lock keepers whilst spending large sums on a publicity campaigns and silly projects e.g ‘poetry on lock gates’ is evidence of a lack of focus on routine day to day activities on the Cut . Instead high visibility prestige projects go ahead but simple maintenance jobs are neglected through “lack of funds”.

The evidence of this policy is all too visible to folk who use the canals regularly. Problems such as severely leaking lock gates appear to be ignored completely and even simple tasks can take years to fix . The situation will only get worse unless we embarrass CaRT enough for them to stop wasting money burnishing their image, spending money on silly projects and get back to basics i.e maintain OUR canals.

Ralph Freeman


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